How it works

The WINK Effect

  1. Start with a base on the lid, either a primer or neutral colour eye shadow. (This helps eliminate the oils on the lid so your liner and lashes will last all day).
  2. Shake, shake, shake the tube. Apply liberal coat of magnetic eyeliner to lash line where magnets will attach (this will differ depending on size of lash) and allow Liner to dry completely (about 2 min when fan with hands). Your line can be anything from classic, dramatic or glam. All depends on the style and effect you want to achieve.
  3. Apply 2nd coat to same area. Fan with hand for about 60 seconds.
  4. Place lash to liner while still tacky (you have a few seconds to move lash to preferred placement)
  5. Use Pen or liquid liner to finish liner look desired (pen liner works best for sharp lines on inner eye and to add wing on out lash). Use Pen or liquid liner to clean up lash line from mag liner if needed. This technique allows for more precise lines, and saves from wasting magnetic eyeliner where it isn't needed. Will last all day with WINK Liner lashes.

How to Remove

  1. Remove magnetic lash by grabbing inner magnet and gently pulling away from eye (NEVER REMOVE LASHES BY PULLING ON THE LASH HAIRS)
  2. Gently wash eyeliner off with oil-based makeup remover and clean the tiny magnets on your WINK lashes, store eye lashes in case for many more future uses.